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Vierra Property, an establishment with an expertise of 23 years, is the epitome of professionalism, hands-on experience and guaranteed customer satisfaction. At Vierra, when it comes to property management, we understand the importance of client requirement, for which we dedicate our time in providing the best possible option. Whilst our landlords are searching for the perfect tenant/seller, Vierra’s experienced property management advisor will be available to guide them at every step. We have a dedicated property manager for every client to manage and help them at each step, starting from marketing to handing over. Vierra makes sure that not only the landlord, but also the tenant is assigned a dedicated property consultant. As one of the best Rental Management Company in Dubai, an allround customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. From handling documentation to managing the paperwork, Vierra takes the responsibility to make your residential property purchase experience, a smooth one. Our experienced marketing experts take up the task of marketing the properties on all premium portal, along with our own website and social media. As one of the best property managing companies in Dubai, we make sure that what we provide from Vierra, is the very best in the field of Real Estate. Veirra makes sure to come up with correct market analysis and reporting to maximise occupancy rate & best evaluation of Rent & Selling Price. Veirra Properties has an excellent advertising strategy, as we use premium advertisement portals to ensure we can get the best audiences to respond. Along with that, we also make great use of social media to spread the word. We make sure to provide an expert property manager who personally look after the property they are assigned to. They will make sure to ensure every step is effectively done, from marketing to handing over.


At Veirra, we make sure to maintain property condition between tenancy period as well as keep an inspection over the property so as to give the very best to our tenants. We always have our exceptional analytical skilled team available for our customers at every given point to be provide individual attention to make sure every query is sorted with the best solutions. Once the tenant has finalized their desired property, we make it a priority to do proper snagging of the tenant on Check in & Check out. We at Veirra, will handle complete financial transaction & make sure that each & every document will be taken care of as a priority. The reason we stand out as one of the best Property Management  company in Dubai, is that our services are flexible. Over the years, we’ve tailored our services according to the demand of our customers and as per the properties we deal with. This way, we are sure to provide nothing, but the very best to our clients every time. Our record of customer services has been proved to be the best thanks to the 7 prestigious awards we’ve been honored with over the years.

Dedicated Property Manager

Personal property manager for every property who will mange every function for marketing to Handing over.

Tenant Check in & Check Out

We do proper snagging of Tenant on Check in & Check Out

Repair & Maintenance

Maintain property condition between tenancies period along with that we also inspect propertyt between tenanacy period.

Premium Marketing Channels

Your property will be marketed through premium marketing Channels to generated quick & genuine leads against property.

Banking & Finance

We will handle complete financial transaction & make sure that each & every document will be taken care of properly.

Market Analysis & Reports

With correct market analysis we maximise occupancy rate & best evaluation of Rent & Selling Price.

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Better Occupancy Rate
Ensure Maximum Return
Proper Cost-Effective Maintenance
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First of all, rent increase is permitted unilaterally only on lease renewal.

IMPORTANT: As per Article 14 of Law No. 33 of 2008, if landlord wishes to amend any of the tenancy contract’s terms or review the rent, then he must notify the tenant not less than 90 days prior to expiry date, unless both parties agreed otherwise.

Ask a letting agent to value your home. At Your Move, we’re experts in the market, so we can tell you how other rental properties are doing in the area, and what kind of yield you can hope to expect.

An inventory is the most important part of the service as it is a professional report recording the condition of the unit. It protects the owner against damage of their investment and ensures that should there be any dispute on the condition of the unit, there is a professional report that both parties can refer to.

The service is available 7 days a week and we can be contactable around the clock.

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